Voracek traded to Coyotes

A sixth-round pick also goes to the Coyotes and the Blue Jackets get goaltender Jon Gillies in return.

The Blue Jackets have traded Voracek and a sixth-round pick to the Coyotes for goaltender Jon Gillies. This seems to all but confirm that Voracek’s career is likely over. It’s hard to imagine the Jackets paying to offload his contract if that weren’t the case. It’s a very sad and unfortunately ending to Jake’s career and his exciting homecoming in Columbus.

This deal overall is a bit strange. It’s odd that Jarmo ended up paying to offload Voracek’s contract, especially when Arizona needed it to help get them to the cap floor next season. Jon Gillies is the return in the trade, but he is nothing more than a depth goalie and could serve as Elvis’ backup for the rest of the season if Quick is either traded or his contract is terminated in some fashion.

Voracek was 7-61-68 in 90 games in his second stint in Columbus. He had a fantastic career, logging 223 goals and 583 assists in 1,058 games. He will continue to be one of the most memorable players in franchise history. Above all, we wish him a healthy recovery and hope he can live a normal life without any lingering long-term concussion symptoms.

Thanks for everything, Jake!

Update: Apparently the move helps the Blue Jackets apply performance bonuses to this season’s cap instead of moving them to next season. That helps explain the cheap offload, although the included 6th round pick is still odd.

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