VIDEO: 2013 NHL All Star Game Logo Party

Like about 2/3 of the workers in the Arena District today, I snuck out on my lunch hour to check out the 2013 ASG logo unveiling, but I had the advantage of being able to go backstage and talk to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman afterward to ask a few questions as part of the media scrum. I also ducked into the Blue Line afterwards and talked to a few fans who were loading up on their new 2013 ASG gear and got their reactions as well.

First off, Mike has already said this, but WELL DONE, guys. Great turnout today. I know that more than a few were probably motivated by the promise of free food, but that was still quite a crowd for what really was something of a non-event.

Second, if you don't think the team (and the NHL) realize the fans are restless, just listen to some of the comments today. They know the fans here are tired of waiting for a winner, and I think they're also starting to get an idea of the monster that will be unleashed once that winner arrives. The loudest cheer today wasn't for the logo - it was for J.P. Mac promising to bring playoff hockey back to Columbus. That says quite a lot.

Without further ado, here's the film!

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