Trade Deadline Preview - Defensemen: Where does Vladislav Gavrikov go now?

Jarmo dropped the ball with Boston. Can he salvage it elsewhere?

The trade deadline is rapidly approaching, and the Columbus Blue Jackets have one of the real prizes available in Vladislav Gavrikov. And today, we are discussing defensemen on this team as well as around the league. Here’s who could be dealt by 3 PM Friday.

Blue Jackets who could be available

Vladislav Gavrikov is the main suspect off the Blue Jackets D-Core. The 27-year-old, Russian, stay-at-home defenseman has been a great addition to the Columbus blue line the past two years, providing a sorely needed defense-first presence. In fact, in the last seven games, the Blue Jackets haven’t allowed a goal against while Gavrikov was on the ice. “Wait, hasn’t he been si—” Don’t worry about that.

Anyways, we got a pretty good trade comparison on Thursday, with Washington sending Dmitry Orlov and Garnett Hathaway to Boston for Craig Smith, a first, a second, and a third. It’s pretty easy to plug the Blue Jackets into this deal. Orlov is also a Russian defensive defenseman, Hathaway is your typical fourth line bruiser, not dissimilar from Mathieu Olivier, and Smith is mostly just a cap dump. So if you’re willing to also part with Olivier and take on some salary, quite the haul is out there.

Aside from Gavrikov, there’s few other defensemen that could realistically get dealt at the deadline. Gavin Bayreuther is also an expiring UFA, but probably isn’t worth more than a 6th. Jake Bean, who was underwhelming prior to getting injured for the rest of the season, could potentially enable some LTIR shenanigans. But that’s about it.

League-Wide Trade Board

Aside from Gavrikov, Jakub Chychrun is the most sought-after defenseman on the board. And he’s almost the complete opposite. The Coyote is mostly an offensive defenseman, is three years younger, and still has two more seasons at $4.6 million after this year. Arizona’s asking price reportedly starts at two firsts.

Speaking of offensive defensemen, Erik Karlsson has had a resurgent year in San Jose. 19 goals, 58 assists, only a -2 in 60 games with a paltry Sharks team. If San Jose ever wants to get out from under his insane eight-year, $11.5 million contract that doesn’t end until 2027, now would be the time to do so. Edmonton’s been the main team in rumors so far.

The final jewel in the offensive defenseman crown is John Klingberg, who signed a one-year deal with the Ducks this summer, seamingly with the intention to get traded. He’s struggled in SoCal so far, potting just eight goals and 23 points in 45 games.

Back to pure defense, Luke Schenn is apparently available. Vancouver’s been selling like hot cakes, so expect him to move before the end of the week. And while all eyes are on Patrick Kane, Jake McCabe could also be leaving Chicago soon. I really don’t know how to evaluate defensive defensemen without actually watching their games, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Who do you expect the Jackets to trade by next Friday? Who could be a shock name who is traded at the deadline? Sound off below!

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