Today in the "A": The Day After

Today in the A, it's a look around the AHL. Starting out in Springfield, the first tornado of the day passed through the downtown area around 4:30PM. This is a strange phenomena for this part of the country. For whatever reason, as the storm approached the MassMutual Center and the AHL offices, it turned right and headed south down Main Street. The home of the Springfield Falcons was opened up as a shelter by nightfall. The Falcons official Twitter account has some photos and videos of the aftermath.

Calder Cup Finals:
The Houston Aeros were on the road for the first of three games in Binghamton last night. The Aeros took a 2-1 win from the Senators, and now lead the series 2-1. Game 4 is scheduled for Friday night in Bingo.

Wherefore Art Thou, Moose? Part 2 (of many, I suspect):
Again, the St. John's Telegram appears confident that a deal is just about done. Spearheaded by former premier, Danny Williams, the group expects to have a deal done shortly in which the relocated Moose will be the AHL affiliate of the as yet unnamed Winnipeg NHL team. All social media are in full effect.

Patrick Williams gives his thoughts on affiliation shifts.

Tom Sestito:
Former Blue Jackets and Falcon, Tom Sestito was on the Flyers' radar long before this year's trade deadline. GM Paul Holmgren challenges Tom with this: "It's an important summer for Tom."

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