Today in the "A": St. John's Makes it 30

In one of the worst kept secrets in recent sports memory, the American Hockey League has formally announced the unanimous approval by the Board of Governors to the relocation of the franchise formerly known as the Manitoba Moose, to St. John's Newfoundland in time for the 2011-12 season.

Further, the league confirms that the St. John's team will be the primary development club for the new Winnipeg NHL team.

This wouldn't be the 21st century without a website. The site is reminiscent of Winnipeg's "Drive to 13,000", as a platform for season ticket sales.

On the business side, presumably in pro hockey starved St. John's, they are suggesting a three year commitment from the season ticket buying public. I can't honestly say that I am aware of other AHL clubs giving priority to multiple year buys. What I can say is that for a league that draws well, but plays at far less than 100% capacity in their arenas, this is an interesting undertaking.

Also, there seems to be a lot of legalese in the FAQ. For example, when asked about termination of a three year agreement prior to the end of three years:

Once signed, your three year agreement will be binding. However, the ticket purchase agreement and your rights and obligations in that agreement including your seats may be transferred anytime after the completion of the inaugural season. At that point you may assign and transfer your rights to a qualified person who will agree to assume your obligations under the ticket purchase agreement. A "Transfer of Ownership" form will need to be submitted and approved in order to authorize the transfer of the rights, privileges, obligations and deposit for the remainder of the term. An administrative fee of $250 per seat will apply.
As for me, I'll be in Section 6 of the MassMutual Center. Or 17. Or 19. Pretty much wherever they'll let me sit.No three year commitments. Not yet, anyway.

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