Today in the "A": More Moose Movement?

Today in the "A", it's back to Franchise Roulette.

The St. John's Telegram has all but popped the champagne corks and set off the confetti cannons, as they have thoroughly and convincingly congratulated former premier Danny Williams in his effort to bring the AHL back to St. John's.

In the Telegram story, Brendan McCarthy points out that as is the case in the Atlanta to Winnipeg move at the NHL level, it appears there will be no divisional realignment in the AHL either.

Leaving the as yet unnamed St. John's franchise playing in the North Division of the Western Conference perhaps makes no geographic sense. However it does make sense from the perspective that if indeed St. John's will replace Manitoba as the 30th AHL club next season, staying in the North will align them with other Canadian clubs in the league.

Currently the North has Hamilton, Toronto and Abbotsford from north of the border, along with Lake Erie, Grand Rapids and Rochester. According to Google Maps, the road trip from St. John's to Abbotsford is roughly 4600 miles. Can you say "travel subsidy"?

This brings us back to the primary affiliate of the Blue Jackets, the Springfield Falcons. With projected realignment now off the table (for the time being), the Falcons will be able to focus on their established interdivisional rivalries. While there isn't a lot of variety in playing the majority of games within the Atlantic Division, it will give the Falcons some stability this season. And a lot less travel time.

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