Today in the "A": Falcons Web TV

Today in the A, is a look at this week's edition of Falcons Web TV. This week, Damon Markiewicz and Bruce Landon pay a visit to a place that is near and dear as they recorded this week's episode at the office of the Springfield Hockey Heritage Society.

Near and dear, because you may have seen in my profile, that I am a Co-Founder of the Society. A matter of fact that is strange in regards to this week's session. I am ordinarily at the office every single Wednesday afternoon. Due to other committments last Wednesday, I was not on site. I was told that after taping was done, I missed about an hour's worth of old goalie stories, furnished by Landon himself. Landon started his pro career here in Springfield back in 1969 with the Springfield Kings, winning a Calder Cup in 1971 before moving to the New England Whalers of the WHA. The Whalers captured the inaugural Avco World Cup in 1973.

Moving on, this week's episode starts off with a discussion of hockey history in Springfield. If you're not aware, the history of pro hockey in Springfield dates back to 1926. The Falcons organization, spearheaded by Landon, Markiewicz and Senior VP, Bob Oliver continue to be a driving force in keeping the history alive here. There have been discussions to bring back players from the Calder Cup championship teams of 1961, 1971, 1975 and 1991 as parts of heritage celebrations this coming season.

Another topic which has generated a lot of discourse of late is a "Fan's Game" between the Interstate 91 rivals, fans of the Falcons and fans of the Connecticut Whale. This is an interesting concept, and it really looks like it's gathering some momentum.

Other topics of interest this week included:
  • All Time Falcons Night
  • "Spot Screech"
  • Season Ticket Campaign
  • The formation of a focus group
  • The possibility of adding another voice to radio broadcasts
This week's full episode of Falcons Web TV is available on the Falcons website.

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