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Today in the “A”: Falcons on the Web

The Springfield Falcons are in the process of finalizing their new website design and online team store this week. They will then be deciding on the launch date for the improved site and the store.

This will be a good thing. The current version of the website, as well as the previous version (at the end of the Edmonton Oilers affiliation), while informative, have had a somewhat disorganized presence to them.

The current version has the predictable menu items beneath the header. Under that is a rotation of the four most recent stories on the site. Something that was added not too long ago is a live Twitter feed to the right of the news block (I like that!).

“Below the fold”, things get a little unruly.

There is a divisional standings block, next to a “today’s scores” area. To the right of this, there is a registration area for updates, etc. Following that are some small banners which don’t appear to have been placed in any particular order. Also, at the bottom there is a rotating sponsor banner. I’m not an advertising fan, but I would think there has to be a better spot for this than near the bottom of the page, where it will be one of the last things seen (and never seen, if a viewer is only looking for “above the fold” content!)

I for one, am looking forward to the new and improved version of FalconsAHL.com. There are better sites around the AHL, and worse. However in this day and age, it’s critical to have the online presence parallel the quality of the business. In this case, the Blue Jackets, partnering with the Falcons have made some great off season roster moves. Moves that will undoubtedly benefit both teams.

My expectations are that the Falcons relaunched website will be a reflection of the hard work that has already been put in this summer, preparing for a successful season on the ice. The website will be the bow on the package that puts the team’s best face forward for the home of official Falcons information.

One area where the team has already improved its presence has been the social media outlets. Manager of Media Relations, Damon Markiewicz along with Stephen Hanjack have coordinated both Facebook (Official Springfield Falcons) and Twitter (@FalconsAHL) to be fan friendly and informative during the off season. This is not always easy to do when there is nothing happening on the ice, and only limited items of interest happening off the ice.

Because of their hard work, as well as the voice of the Falcons, Mike Kelly, (@MikeFalconsAHL) there should be no shortage of Falcons information as the season gets underway.

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