Today in the "A": Falcons August Wrapup

The calendar page turns yet again. The nighttime air is cooler. Dare I say there's a touch of fall in the air? Let me reconsider. The ice is in at Nationwide, Traverse City is right around the corner...that's not fall in the air! It's hockey!

There are a few odds and ends to catch up on as August drew to a close. Most notably, this week's "Webisode" on the Springfield Falcons website. As has been the case with some regularity this summer, Media Relations Manager Damon Markiewicz is joined by President and General Manager Bruce Landon. The format has remained fresh all summer, because the taping location changes from week to week, but also the Falcons social media outposts provide topics and questions for the show.

On the docket this week, the special barbeque for season ticket holders and sponsors was held last week at the Amelia Park Arena in Westfield, MA. The weather was shaky at best, but the night worked out well for all involved.

Opening Night is just about six weeks away! The Falcons will be saluting Springfield's Calder Cup Championship teams of the past. The Opening Night festivities will honor the two most recent champions, the 1989-1990 and 1990-91 Calder Cup Champs. Coach Jimmy Roberts and broadcaster John Forslund will be here. The Falcons will be wearing special jerseys on each of the three scheduled "Calder Cup" nights. (Two more are planned for later in the season, honoring the 1970-71 and 1974-75 winners, and finally later still in the season, honoring the historic "threepeat" clubs of 1959-60, '60-'61 and '61-'62) The commemorative jerseys will be auctioned after the third Calder Cup night, with proceeds going to charity.

Other topics covered this week include:
The Falcons will be offering two new ticket plans. The first is an "Opening Night" package, not surprisingly featuring the October 15th home opener. The other is an "All you can eat" package. Former netminder

Gustaf Wesslau

was recently quoted back in Sweden, claiming:

"Most nights we played in front of 2000 people and most of them were eating sausage and drinking beer."

Well, Goose would really be upset knowing that for select games, many of the "2000" would be on an "All you can eat" plan. Nevertheless, we're still here and he's back in Sweden, so Falcons fans, here's your opportunity to strap on the feed bag. Feel no remorse.

There was also some speculation about the Falcons organizing a trip to Montreal to take in a Bruins game. Personally, I found this puzzling. After all, our parent club, the Columbus Blue Jackets are coming to Boston on November 17th for a game. I would think that it would be more sensible to organize a group for a trip to Boston, but that's just me.

The Falcons also have a brand new line of souvenirs and clothing available. The team is continuing to work on building an online store. No word on when that will be ready.

Most important, the Falcons get back on the ice, with three preseason games scheduled:

Wednesday Sept. 28 vs. Connecticut Whate at the MassMutual Center
Friday Sept. 30 vs. Providence Bruins at the New England Sports Center
Saturday October 1 vs. Providence at the MassMutual Center.

The Falcons then open the season with three road games before opening up the regular season on October 15 vs. Providence.

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