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The Ty Conklin Curse?

I previously posted a poll asking, “Who is the best back-up candidate for Columbus next year?

Ty Conklin was the top vote getter, receiving 35 of 107 votes. He came in at 32%, with Scott Clemmensen being the next closest at 18%.

Now, I want to ask you to reconsider. If for nothing else, simply for my sanity. Why?

I came across the idea of the Ty Conklin Curse on Twitter, when users @justinleon and @hockeyisgood
brought this interesting tweet to my attention:

Edmonton in 2006

Buffalo in 2007

Pittsburgh in 2008

Detroit in 2009

You are now aware of the Ty Conklin Curse

Ty Conklin is known for a few reasons. He’s started in all of the NHL’s major outdoor games (with Edmonton in 2003, Pittsburgh in 2008, and Detroit in 2009). He’s currently the only Alaskan goaltender to make it to the NHL. He’s one of the two players to have played for the Penguins in the Finals last year, and the Red Wings in the Finals this year (the other player is Marian Hossa, and they lost both years, but you already knew that). That said, to be a part of any team that makes it to the Stanley Cup Finals is impressive, let alone back-to-back years.

Unfortunately for him, he’s probably known best for this gaffe, the year in which Carolina beat Edmonton for the Stanley Cup:

And if that’s not enough, back in the 2006-07 season, Ty Conklin played for a little team called the Columbus Blue Jackets. He was traded to the Buffalo Sabres at the trade deadline in exchange for a 5th round pick. Why is that important? The Sabres were the Presidents’ Trophy winners. They were stacked – this was before they gave away Briere, Drury, and Campbell for party favors. But in just 5 games, the Sabres lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Ottawa Senators.

Also, it might be a stretch to hold him responsible for the Sabres horrid logo change that year, but you could try.

So, there’s one common denominator between the 2006 Edmonton Oilers (lost in the Stanley Cup finals), the 2007 Buffalo Sabres (Presidents’ Trophy winner, lost in the Eastern Conference finals), the 2008 Pittsburgh Penguins (lost in the Stanley Cup finals), and the 2009 Detroit Red Wings (lost in the Stanley Cup finals): Ty Conklin.

Sorry Ty, I just don’t know if it’s worth it to be all but guaranteed to lose in the Finals just to have you as a back-up next year. Then again, as a Blue Jackets fan, maybe it is.

Does the Ty Conklin Curse exist?

Yes! You can’t argue with facts. 165
No way… well, maybe. (Have you seen the Edmonton goal?) 70