The Social Station: A Whole New Game

The Blue Jackets have added a new "Social Station" to the arena, and it's another layer to the Fan Experience at Nationwide.

You may remember that this summer we (and several other CBJ bloggers) were taken out for a trip by the Blue Jackets to check out the Indians' "Social Media Suite" at Jacobs Field.

We saw some good ideas and some not so good ideas, and gave the team our feedback about what worked and what didn't.

The results of that trip were unveiled yesterday when my wife and I were invited to check out the new Bluejackets Social Station for the home opener, along with Alison and Dan from The Union Blue, the ever popular RedditCBJ of #CBJ, Jeff Little from The Hockey Writers, and several other guests including members of the Arch City Army and other fans who won contests to join us. (Keep that in mind for later.)


Hosted on the Suite Level around section 117, the Social Station featured a fantastic view of the ice, wifi access, charging stations for laptops, phones, and tablets, and some free food and drinks courtesy of the team. We also got to meet several members of the team's front office, and we were encouraged to send out tweets with a "#CBJSocial" tag that were shared at several points of the night on the video boards. We even managed to skype with the famous Bunktuzzi, our man in Vancouver, so he could share the fun!


There are also several areas for taking pictures, a banner for fans to sign, and stat sheets were passed out after each period to help follow the flow of the game.

All things considered, it's a really fun experience and I think it has a lot of potential. The more fans get a chance to check this out and take part, I think the more we'll see the Jackets making an impact in Columbus, particularly if the team does well. (Don't forget that Jackets fans had #CBJ trending worldwide last night!)

So, guess what?

We want you to be part of it.

Thanks to the Blue Jackets, we have two pairs of tickets to give away for the game against the Blues on Thursday, the 31st.

I have in my hand trivia questions from each member of The Cannon team here. Email your answers to me at MATTJWAGNER (at) GMAIL (dot) COM. Correct answers will be placed into a hat and the winners will be drawn Friday evening. I'll contact you by email and we'll arrange getting the tickets to you. Please include your name and your handle here at SBNation. :)

Question #1: How many Norwegians have suited up for the Blue Jackets, and what are their names?

Question #2: Rick Nash scored the most points in a season with the Jackets (79). Who scored the second most in any season?

Question #3: Who conducted the ceremonial faceoff at the very first pro hockey game in Springfield, MA on December 1, 1926?

Question #4: In what book does the Columbus management and scouting staff feature prominently leading up to the NHL draft?

Question #5: There were four professional ice hockey teams in Columbus before the Blue Jackets. Name all four.

No cheating, no looking at other people's work, and no answers in the comments!

Oh - and before I forget, one last thing.

We found out that one incredibly sad piece of wasted genetic material decided to scalp the tickets he won for the suite. That person's obviously no longer welcome, and I doubt he'll be winning any CBJ related contests for a long time.

But this is supposed to be something special. It's something fun. It's a whole new way to join the battle. The team's reaching out to us. We should be embracing it, not trying to make a buck.

If you win the tickets and cannot go to the game, please let us know so we can make sure other fans get the opportunity.

Don't be that guy.

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