The Rick Nash Contract

This is certainly to be the biggest news in CBJ-land during this offseason. The Rick Nash contract extension. With some of the ridiculous dollars and terms that have been handed out in recent years, this could become very interesting.

There are many different possible numbers that CBJ fans have thrown out there for Rick. In my opinion I think we should be ready to hear 5 years 37.5 million. 7.5 a year.

61 is critical to the success of the team in the short and long term. Many would say that he is tradeable. Trading Nash could set us up well in the future....or bust. All-Star for All-Star trades are rare and I'm not sure there is a team or player that would make us a trade we'd like. If Nash's contract demands are outrageous, and I would not expect this, then I would trade him. By outrageous I'm talking 9+ million a year.

I think 5 years will be the term for a few reasons. I don't think Nash will want to go long long term because I think he is smart enough to want some flexibility. I don't think we want that contract either. One injuries can ruin everything. 5 years shows a significant commitment that both sides would be happy with.

5 years is good for the Jackets because at the end of 5 you can reassess his value. You can be much more accurate for your dollar.

7.5 is the dollar amount we will settle on. It is more money than Iginla, Datysuk, and right in line with Zetterberg. I'd personally hope for a little lower dollar amount, because I don't think he is worth all 7.5 million, but the Free Agent Market has been crazy.

What are your predictions on the deal? Does it get done before camp?

Over or under 5 years? Over or under 7.5 million a year?

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