The Report - Episode 9: SOLO JACK!!

I suck at this.

Aww, geez. Would ya look at the time?

As I'm sure you've heard me state many times, I've always had the best of intentions in doing the podcast regularly. In the pre-season, I even had a pretty good run there where I cranked out eight episodes in two months' time. Then the season started, and our focus turned to actual hockey. And jobs, families, and game coverage ate up a lot of my "free Cannon time". And then the team started eating shit.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

There's no real "good" reason I haven't done a podcast in over two months, other than it just kinda sucked to think about. What guest could I book that wouldn't just want to talk about injuries and what the hell happened to Columbus? It just seemed daunting.

So, I instead elected to plug in my microphone and just talk. For, like, a half hour. Hence, the title. This is me going solo, trying my best to swing for the fences and hit a solo jack to make the score look a little more respectable. Not sure how far this ball went, but you can't blame a guy for trying.


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