The Report - Episode 6: Mike MacLean

In which Dan is joined by the one and only...

It's been since the trade deadline of last season that Mike was last on the podcast with me, so it was more than time. We needed to have one of our patented hockey BS sessions, and I'd say we managed. With no notes, we chatted for an hour and 15 minutes. So, yeah, we had some ground to cover.

We talked about Ryan Johansen, the lineup, the division, as well as some expansion and realignment. We also forced Mike to make some tough, Canadian choices.

A word of warning, I didn't edit this for content, and there are far, far more curse words than usual (I gave it an "explicit" tag in iTunes). So, if you're rocking this one in an office, you might want to break out the headphones. You've been warned.


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