The Report - Episode 3: Martin Spanhel

In which we sit down with former professional hockey player, Blue Jackets first-goal-scorer, and current manager of the CAHL Martin Spanhel.

I'm really excited about this episode, because it allowed me to really step outside of some of the normal podcasts I've done in the past. Martin Spanhel is the manager of the CAHL (Columbus Adult Hockey League) via The Chiller, and also works as an instructor and coach from time to time. He's also a retired professional hockey player who holds the distinction of having scored the Blue Jackets franchise's first EVER goal (pre-season, September 15, 2000, in Pittsburgh).

Martin takes us through his life growing up a hockey player in Czechoslovakia (The Czech Republic, post-1989) as well as getting drafted, coming to North America, and making his way through the hockey world. It was very gracious of him to take me through all of those steps and tough decisions along the way, and I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did.

Martin has a thankless job running the adult leagues here in Columbus, as he manages leagues encompassing around 200 teams. As someone who's played in the CAHL, I can appreciate the amount of time that goes into making it run well.

My thanks to Martin for his time, and for the lively chat about a life lived in hockey.


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