The Report - Episode 12 - WFNY SIMULCAST?!?

Cross-mojination with Craig Lyndall from Waiting For Next Year!

With the news that the Blue Jackets were switching their AHL affiliation to the Lake Erie Monsters up in Cleveland, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to my good friend Craig Lyndall from Waiting For Next Year, which was my old blogging haunt before coming over to The Cannon.

Given their coverage of the Cleveland sports scene, we decided to try something different and (hopefully) interesting: we did a "simul-podcast" wherein we chatted and both recorded it for our respective audiences. That means there's going to be a little bit of Cleveland Browns discussion at the end, but mainly we talked about hockey, the draft, and how the new affiliation might affect fans in both cities.

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If the player above isn't working, you can click here to download as well. Also, the podcast is available in iTunes. If that's your bag, simply search for "Cannon The Report" in iTunes and you should be able to find it and subscribe!

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