The Report - Episode 11 - Post-Season Wrap-Up

No, not <em>that</em> post-season. The &quot;after the season&quot; kind.

Hello, there! A lot has happened since we last recorded...

Now that the season is over, I thought it would be a good time to refocus a bit on the podcast, and Matt was gracious enough to join me for a chat to wrap up the season and look into the off-season (much more of the latter than the former, actually). We'll talk about the roster, how it's going to shake out in free agency, and look at the Captaincy. Mike Reilly will be discussed (it's now in the by-laws, I think).

One other note, I wanted to thank the kind folks at Sargent House Records and Suicide Squeeze Records for granting me permission to use the song "Youngblood" by Russian Circles as the new theme song for the podcast. They were gracious enough to grant me permission for free to use the song, and I would definitely recommend this band to anyone and everyone.


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