The Lamp Has Gone Out

This is the sort of announcement I might put into a Shrapnel, but I decided the general tone of those isn't quite right for this.

If you didn't catch it last night, Dark Blue Jacket broke the news that Light The Lamp, one of the oldest running CBJ Blogs, has closed up shop.

I will say up front I didn't always agree with LTL, but I respected his writing, his ability, and his passion. He was one of the first guys to start writing about that team (the other I can think of from the same period is the now equally shuttered Army of Ohio), and like Gallos he was one of the people who got me interested in writing more about the Blue Jackets on a regular basis.

His posting had been getting more infrequent over the last couple of seasons, but it doesn't change the fact that a big voice in the fan community has gone silent, and he will be missed.

Thank you, LTL, and good luck wherever you decide to put your energy into next.

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