The Blue Jackets Called Out Our Blog in Their Hype Video

Maybe @ us next time

We’ve been waiting for tonight since April. The Columbus Blue Jackets are finally back in Nationwide Arena playing real, meaningful NHL hockey. And what’s one of the best parts of the home opener?

The pregame hype video. A video painstakingly designed to get the CBJ faithful frothing and fired up for hockey. (Well, before a bunch of lights go out and everyone stands around for 15 minutes.) For this year’s edition, the Blue Jackets went with the “NO ONE BELIEVES IN US” angle and used an article from this very website to illustrate the point:

Putting aside that the point of that post was “The Blue Jackets are good and people need to chill out,” I’m glad our favorite team reads the words we publish here. We’re flattered.

While I have you here, Blue Jackets:

  • “We Like Pizza” is good, never change it
  • You guys gonna use Sonny Milano or what
  • I see what you did with Bob in the season opener and I love it
  • Please stop with all the awful cover songs
  • Can I have some free tickets/

You can watch the full pregame hype video here:

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