The Cannon's People's Choice MVP Announced!

The votes are in, the people have spoken, here is your MVP.

Thanks for all the votes and discussion of candidates. These are your choices, so the comments all come from the poll's comment section. The comments have been edited only for clarity.

So, here we go...

* * *

Second Runner Up:
Nick Foligno (7% of the vote)

"Nick Foligno has been great at creating offense and being physical on both ends of the ice. The team was much worse when he wasn’t playing. Once he came back, he’s been playing with a huge fire." – Pale Dragon

* * *

First Runner Up:
Brandon Dubinsky (24% of the vote)

"The other honorable mention goes to Dubinsky for clearly stepping forward as the leader of this team. I hope he gets the C soon." – Pale Dragon

"[Could have voted] Dubinsky for his leadership and a bit more of offensive contributions." – RedStorm45

* * *

The Cannon's People's Choice Midseason Most Valuable Player:
Ryan Johansen (57% of the vote)

"Johansen has exceeded expectations more than anyone. He’s the one player we have that other teams have to game plan for." – saul overnow

"On a team that has struggled offensively, he has been the most prolific scorer, and most dangerous Jacket with the puck. A big reason for Foligno breaking out offensively, and Umberger rebounding offensively, is their centerman, who is on pace for a 30+ goal 60+ point campaign. Let’s hope it is the first of many more to come." – Josh Owen

Side note: We've got a S.H.I.E.L.D., or Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division situation going on with the name here. Maybe next time we'll get that sorted out.

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