What We’re Thankful For This Year

The Cannon staff weighs in

Happy Thanksgiving from The Cannon!

On this day, it seemed the perfect occasion to reflect on what we have to be thankful for, both in hockey as well as in our lives outside of hockey (is there such a thing as life without hockey?)

Here is what our contributors had to say:



This year, I am thankful for the health of the players. Zach Werenski has recovered physically from his serious shoulder injury and is on his way to returning to form. Seth Jones has recovered from his knee injury and looks like the Norris Trophy candidate he finished last season as. Brandon Dubinsky has also recovered from his abdominal injury. The Blue Jackets have been fortunate to remain healthy this season, which is no small feat.


In my personal life, I am thankful for Ladyfriend and new friendships this season. Ladyfriend challenges me to be a better person every day, and I am looking forward to taking the next steps in our relationship together. I am also thankful for new friends this season, friends met in person, and opportunities to travel. This has been an amazing year.

William Chase


First off, I am thankful for another season of Blue Jackets hockey and seeing this team playing so well right now. Seeing the young guys, the potential of a Pierre-Luc Dubois mixing with the veterans like Cam Atkinson, Artemi Panarin, etc, it’s a joy to watch and see the team thrive. Apart from the Blue Jackets, it’s exciting to see so many young superstars entering the league, and how they play alongside the veterans who continue to dazzle on a nightly basis. The NHL just keeps getting more exciting!


My new career that I started earlier this year, and of course, having the opportunity to write for The Cannon in my second year. Seeing the publication continue to rise and evolve, and being able to share that with my Cannon team has been a joy to be a part of.

Ryan Real


I’m thankful for Cam Atkinson. A lot of guys have played for Columbus and rave about how much they love the city, staying around after they retire or keeping a house in town. The Blue Jackets are the only team Cam has ever known and he’s all-in. We’ve watched him grow up, get married, have a kid and start a business (hockey-related!) in Columbus. He’s also very good at hockey. He’s fun to watch, wears a big smile and has never made overtures about leaving town. I’m thankful we have a player like that to root for.


Outside of hockey, I’m thankful for a ton. This year I married my wife, received a promotion and got a Nintendo Switch. Not sure which one of those I’m happiest about. I’m thankful for my role with this website, the people who read our stuff and the exciting things we’re planning for the future.

Elaine Shircliff


The Cleveland Monsters. There are so many people I have met through my time covering the team who have become like family to me. For years to come, I will cherish the memories the team and their fans have provided me over the years. The thing I’m the most thankful for is the ultimate bromance we all have at The Cannon. I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to write with on a daily basis.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd....... I can’t forget about our loyal readers.Y’all are the best. Keep being awesome. I love the conversation how you help me grow as a writer and beat reporter. Love you all.


This past year has been an incredible year for me. I started a new job where everyone I work with has already become like family to me. Speaking of family,they are amazing and we have really rallied together during some difficult moments in our lives. Now that we are on the subject of difficult moments, I am thankful for BAKER MAYFIELD and whomever felt it necessary to draft him. Difficult days in the Factory of Sadness are slowly coming to a close. Most importantly, I am thankful for the fact LeBron James left the Cavs and they aren’t doing so hot. I can now finally afford to go to Cavs game and sit closer to the court than the roof of Quicken Loans Arena.

Fletcher Keel


I am thankful that Panarin and Bobrovsky are still in Union Blue. That might change...literally at any time, but after the rough stretch to open the season for Bob and despite Bread’s mini slump he’s in now, it’s nice to know the Jackets have not just one but two players of that caliber on the roster. Say what you will about either’s attitude or intention or any of that, but I’m really glad they’re still in Columbus.


Honestly, just about everything. Life is pretty good right now. I guess if I had to choose one thing, it’d be being able to spend Thanksgiving with all of my family. The last time my mom, dad and two brothers were all together was back in July and even then it wasn’t just the five of us, we had one of my brother’s friends with us (which was great, but still). It hit me really hard in college how different “home life,” was going to be and how infrequently I’d see my family, so whenever the opportunity arises, I’m instantly excited.

Pale Dragon


In light of the #SaveTheCrew ordeal of the past year, I am thankful that Columbus has an NHL franchise in the first place, and that they look to be here for a long time. I’m glad that we’re in first place in the division on Thanksgiving. That’s such a far cry from all the past seasons where the team was at or near the bottom with little to no chance to claw their way back into playoff contention. Winning is fun, and this team has been doing that more often than not over the last few years. As a Browns fan, I don’t take that sort of competency for granted.


I’m still thankful for the opportunity to write for this blog. I’ve always loved the community feel here, and I consider it a great responsibility to keep this running. It’s great to interact with so many other passionate Blue Jacket fans.

I’m also thankful for my new puppy. I adopted him from a rescue organization (Torts would approve!) back in August and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Most of my articles this season have been written with him curled up right next to me on the couch.

Your Turn

Let us know in the comments what YOU are thankful for this year. Have a great holiday with your friends and family, and we’ll see you here tomorrow and Saturday as we return to game coverage.

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