The Report - Episode 1

In which Dan is joined by Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey...

And, here we are, with the first official episode of the new-look podcast. I was joined today by Travis Hughes, the manager of Broad Street Hockey which is the SBNation Flyers blog. Travis also manages all of the hockey blogs on SBN.

In this hopefully-engaging discussion, we cover a lot of ground surrounding the Flyers, their defense, Scott Hartnell and R.J. Umberger, Steve Mason and Sergei Bobrovsky, and essentially all of the ground you might expect. Travis gives an unvarnished opinion about the Flyers' chances this season, whether Ron Hextall might be working on a two- or three-year plan, and what the Metropolitan Division might look like this season.


If the player above isn't working, you can click here to download as well. Also, the podcast is available in iTunes. If that's your bag, simply search for "The Report" in iTunes and subscribe!

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