The Cannon Logo Design Contest

Due to a copyright issue, our current logo needs a makeover. We are going to get a temporary logo, but what I'd like is to hold a contest to design a new logo for The Cannon. Here are the criteria for a potential new logo:

1) The new logo can't infringe any copyrights, that means no current logos, and it has to be entirely your own work.

2) The blog is named for the unique piece of artillery that opens fire after every goal and victory at Nationwide Arena. Therefore, a cannon should be front and center.

3) I am a huge fan of the incorporation of the Ohio flags, as seen draped behind the current logo. If possible, I'd like to see the flag used somehow in a new logo.

4) Try to use the Civil War theme as best you can!

5) EDIT: The preferred format is vector, and dimensions are to be 1100x1000 pixels.

6) EDIT: All entries to be emailed to

The top three entries, as decided by The Cannon staff, will be posted on the blog and voted on by you, the reader. The winner will get to see their logo displayed permanently on the front page of The Cannon!

Spread the word! Let's have some fun with this and come up with a rocking logo for The Cannon!

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