The Cannon Flip MinoHD Winner!

It took a bit longer to announce, but after Matt and I deliberated over the comments in the contest thread, we have decided that the Flip MinoHD will be awarded to...

...drum-roll please....


Here's zekebud's CBJ Moment:

I’d like to record Ryan Johansen’s first goal as a Blue Jacket and my first game at Nationwide.

I’m relatively new to hockey. For my first 18 years, I really didn’t pay much attention to the sport. I’m from Upstate NY, so I’d been to a few Crunch games, but I never really paid much attention. That all changed when I went to college at Clarkson in 2007 and got to see D1 hockey. The speed and the skill were cool, but the passion of the players and the fans was what pushed me over. To see little kids, college students and old ladies all screaming in unison for the same cause was pretty mind-blowing. Even the train whistle in-arena is only slightly louder than the cheering crowd after a goal. No longer was this a sport of random brutality.

My friends helped push me over the edge and got me hooked on the NHL. Eventually I decided to follow the Blue Jackets (a combination of Rick Nash, the Syracuse Crunch and Grant Clitsome as a CBJ prospect). And I think that choice was right – the Jackets were "new" and the team was young. It seemed right for someone who was recently introduced to the sport.

But something that has been lacking is my NHL live attendance. I’ve been to Ottawa, but only once for the pros. I’ve immersed myself in hockey in general (watching most CBJ games, going to every Clarkson game, seeing Canadian junior games) but not yet at Nationwide.

My Blue Jackets moment would be seeing Johansen in his first game as a Jacket at Nationwide. I think it would only be an appropriate way to start my days in Nationwide. Johansen was the first CBJ pick I got to see selected and I can’t help but personally want him to succeed, if only to feel more connected to the team, to this investment of time, thoughts and heart.

Yes, I’d love to see Rick Nash be all "Rick Nash" and Mason make some sick saves, but I want to hear that cannon in person for Ryan Johansen. I want this kid to do something special. The play I picture looks something like this:

After a strong defensive hold, Mason deflects one off the blocker, and the puck lands to his right, below the faceoff dot. A waiting Russell looks up for a split second and sees the opening. One rocket pass later, and the puck is gone. Both teams are dumbfounded, but only three players know what happened – Russell with the pass, the opposing goalie with the view, and Ryan Johansen with the puck. Two quick dekes later and the goalie falls sideways, leaving Johansen to backhand the puck over his sprawling pads. One man’s sheer disgust is quickly forgotten as the team piles on the rookie, and the crowd roars. I want to hear that cannon for the first time, and I want this to be the play.

Well thought out zeke. There's nothing better than becoming a fan of a player early in his career, and watch him develop over the years. You're not alone in being excited for The Johan, we can all hope that his first goal is as exciting as you describe!

We want to thank everybody for participating. The entries were fantastic, both full of hope and humor. It was difficult for us to decide, but in the end we went with zeke's.

We'll be in touch zeke, congrats!

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