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The Cannon and TiqIQ Offer Great Deals on Tickets!

The Cannon and their ticket partner TiqIQ once again offers you the chance to save some dough on Blue Jackets tickets! The Jackets are home for two games this week, tomorrow night against the Blues, and Saturday against division rival Chicago.

Here are some numbers, supplied by TiqIQ:

– The Blue Jackets average home game ticket price for the season: $84
– Average ticket price for the 1st half of the season: $54
– Average ticket price for the 2nd half of the season: $93

If you want the best deal on CBJ tickets, click here to visit our ticket site. You can snag a ticket to the game against the Blues for as little as $16. A ticket for Saturday’s game against the ‘Hawks? How does about $35 sound? Again, just click here to go to our ticket site, and we’ll see you at the game!