The Blue Jackets Roundtable Podcast - Episode XI

We kick off a new series of meeting our new division-mates. First up? Carolina!

It's time for a new episode of the Blue Jackets Roundtable, and time to kick off a new series for the off-season! The Jackets are moving to the Eastern Conference, and as such as going to be in a new division with some teams that we didn't often see during the course of regular season play. So, we decided to do a series of podcasts with bloggers from our friends at the various SBN blogs of our new division mates.

First up are the Carolina Hurricanes, and the SBN blog Canes Country. Their manager, Bob, joined Dan for a chat about the Hurricanes heading into next season. Highlights include:

  • Eric Staal's and Cam Ward's injuries
  • The need for defense in Carolina
  • Kirk Muller's leash as a new head coach
  • How many Staals are there in the universe, and will they all inevitably suit up for the Canes someday?
  • The fan experience in Carolina
  • Ric Flair--WOOOO!!!
  • Our possible theft of John Forslund/

...and much, much more! Enjoy!

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