Tell Us Your Angriest Blue Jackets Stories

When have the Blue Jackets made you see red?

Watching Saturday’s Columbus Blue Jackets 8-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, without putting too fine a point on it, sucked. Watching your favorite team lose is never fun, but at least Saturday’s game wasn’t a gut punch—just a slow bludgeoning by an immensely skilled team early in the season.

That got us thinking: What’s the angriest you’ve ever been during a CBJ game? What’s your best “rage quit” story? We asked on social media, and you answered.

Mine: I got a new job over the summer of 2015 and moved into my girlfriend’s apartment in a new city. In my old town, I’d host watch parties and managed to convert a bunch of my South Carolina friends into CBJ fans. I moved in August and when October finally rolled around, of course I was going to host a party for the season opener on a Friday night. The Blue Jackets were gonna be good! They finished the previous season going 15-1-1 and they got Brandon Saad! We weren’t in the same place anymore, but at least we could watch the Jackets together, at least for one night.

The Rangers took lead at the end of the first period, only for Cam Atkinson to even the score in the second. Newly-acquired Saad finally put the CBJ in front with 3:50 left in regulation on a beautiful power-play snipe. Things were looking good.

Just over a minute later, the Rangers scored. And 17 seconds after that, they scored again. Literally 60 seconds after that goal, they scored one more time.

I don’t remember if it was the third or the fourth goal, but at some point the Roku remote found its way from my hand into the wall. I didn’t consciously throw it. It was a reflex, like pulling your hand away from the stove or restraining a loved one as you slam on the brakes. The remote still worked, but the battery cover never fit right again.

I’m older now and I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t throw things anymore.

On to your stories:

Our esteemed editor, Pale Dragon:

“This was after a bad loss to drop us to 0-5 to start the 15-16 season.” [Note: Not too far after the story above!]

Posting from the Lot K garage…

I’m taking a break from this stupid team. If they don’t care – and they clearly don’t – why the hell should I?

I’ve seen people with colostomy bags on an all-cheese diet who gave more of a s— than this.

F— you Todd Richards with your dumb face and MINN AH SO DAH accent. You’re Fargo meets Of Mice and Men. Well guess what, LOOK AT THE RABBITS, TODD. Lincoln Chafee will receive more votes than the number of games you’ll coach.

Nick Foligno I still love you but for whatever reason this team was better without a captain.

Dalton Prout, you are simply not good enough to be an NHL player

Cannon emeritus Dan P.


Re-reading all of that again...well, who wouldn’t do that?

Reader Sean:

Here’s the box score to the game in question. It’s impressive Sean and his dad stayed past watching Kris Draper score a goal in 2009. The fourth goal was more than enough.

Reader Tom:

That’s a hell of a rage quit. You may know Tom from his incredible CBJ hype videos from years ago. The NHL seems to have shaken off much of the residual effects from the last lockout, although you know the next labor conflict is coming up soon...

Reader John (Facebook):

Blowing the 2-0 Series lead against the Capitals by losing four straight!

Aaaaaaaamen, buddy.

Some guy named Mike who used to work here (Facebook):

When the team traded Voracek and a first for Carter.

That doesn’t sound right, does it? Can’t remember a Carter being a member of this team for a long time, which you would expect if you traded Jake Voracek and a first for him. Anson Carter? Oh well. Must be misremembering. Ignore the vein in my forehead trying to force its out.

Reader Jonathan:

It’s one thing to watch your team take a regular game on the chin. It’s another to watch that happen in the playoffs, and another when you’ve traveled more than 350 miles. I traveled from South Carolina to see Game 3 a few years ago (the Zach Werenski game)...that was a long drive home. Heart goes out to Jonathan.

Reader Josh:

This is a healthy way to approach Blue Jackets heartburn. And hey, if you find yourself missing wrestling while watching hockey, you can always flip over to the Panthers game and see what Mike Matheson’s up to.

Reader Nancy (Facebook):

When Jody was traded, when Jared was traded, when when when .. When the business of hockey overrides the love of hockey. Every. Time.When the 16 game win streak ended.When we lost games to the Bruins.

Saturday’s game inspired this post because of on-ice play, but Nancy brings it home here regarding how much off-ice transactions can hurt/anger as well. Luckily, Jody and Jared are back in the fold with the organization.

Reader Stinerman:

Let us all look to Stinerman.

Reader Eva (Facebook):

My job can get disgusting. Let me just say that I’ve seen things (I work in surgery). My job pays the bills and pays for season tickets. The year we started off 0-8....seriously made me reconsider if it was worth it. We don’t take summer vacation, we get season tickets so it was very frustrating to be disappointed so much, on top of the fact that we drive an hour each way to the games. Glad we stuck it out though!

It’s fun to see how many people mentioned the 0-8 season, which was definitely a low point for this franchise. Eva makes the point that she’s “glad we stuck it out,” which is a great way to wrap up this post. It sucks to see your team get their doors blown off 8-2 in October, but it’s a long season and we know how good the Blue Jackets can be. We’ll be angry again...but we’ll also be pretty damn happy at least a few times, I’ll bet.

Please share your stories in the comments!

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