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Clint wrote a nice post last week regarding the current issues with Nationwide Arena, the Blue Jackets, and their current lease.

The Blue Jackets were kind enough to invite us to the round-table discussion among bloggers and Blue Jackets management, but we were not able to attend.

That said, the message they wanted to relay and the questions they wanted to answer were still very important. Our good friend over at Light the Lamp provided an extremely detailed recap. I wanted to pass along the link and the most important information:

Q - How do you get the message out that this problem is more than the Jackets?

A - It starts with you. It is more than the Jackets. If constituencies have come down to the District and had a good time then they need to call the county and say please go to the table and help these entities find a solution.

This wasn't done half-way and this wasn't done overnight. We thought we made a solid proposal. We are all ears from whomever has a next better proposal. We are still going to try to come up with one too but we are still recovering a bit from one we thought was well thought out proposal that was spread across large bodies of people.

Please feel free to comment, email, or pass along information to us or Light the Lamp, and we will be sure to help get the word out and into the right hands.

Also, Light the Lamp closed out the post  in the best way possible...

Mr. Mac gave us all a gift. Let's not waste it.

It's time for action.

Franklin County Commissioner Contact Information

Board President Paula Brooks
Commissioner Brooks Contact Information:
RJ Sontag,
Aide to Commissioner Brooks

Commissioner Marilyn Brown
Commissioner Brown's Contact Info:
Laura Stehle,
Aide to Commissioner Brown

Commissioner John O'Grady
Commissioner O'Grady's Contact Information:
Sharon Keels,
Aide to Commissioner O'Grady

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