Summer Open Thread 3: Is it October yet?

Hey Joe Sakic, s*** or get off the pot already

The last one was getting a bit full, so time for a new open thread as we wait to see if Jarmo Kekalainen and company make any more changes to the roster.

Possible discussion topics:

  • The schedule is out. What games are you most looking forward to? For me, among my 10 games are the home opener against the Islanders, the New Year’s Eve game (which is always fun) against Tampa Bay, and on March 6 the first appearance of the Vegas Golden Knights in Columbus.
  • Yet another former Jacket has been added to the front office. Gregory Campbell is a new development coach. It always makes me happy to see guys want to stay in Columbus after retiring, even if they only played here for one season (see also: Clark, Chris).
  • Jeff Rimer and John Tortorella sat down for a two part interview. Part One. Part Two. Torts has sent his offseason letters to all the players. Sounds like he’s not content to rest on his laurels. He wants this team to keep getting better.
    Key line in Part Two: Torts doesn’t see Panarin as a “grinding and forechecking” forward and he won’t force him to become that. He wants a different kind of forward in there, who can “create something out of nothing.”
  • I’m going on vacation for the next week. Heading to California for the first time. Have any of you taken a trip this summer, or will be going on one? If so, where? What are your favorite summer vacation spots?
  • Finally, there was a new carpool video released yesterday:/

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