As Long As We’re Suing to Overturn Officiating Travesties, Justice For Alex Wennberg in Last Year’s First Round

(This isn’t meant to be a serious post, just like the New Orleans Saints fans aren’t seriously going to win that lawsuit)

Fans of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints filed a lawsuit in court seeking to force NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to overturn the result of NFC Championship that saw the Saints lose to the Los Angeles after a missed pass interference call, despite the Saints being the home team as well as possessing the ball first in overtime with a chance to win the game and promptly throwing an interception.

Here’s the play in question, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

While bad calls happen and this lawsuit has no chance of affecting anything, since the LA Rams are going to face off against the New England Patriots and (hopefully, please Cthulhu let them pull it off) bring home the Lombardi Trophy we thought it would be fun to extend this thought exercise to the 2018 NHL Playoffs.

Good news, Alex Wennberg, we’re getting you justice and Tom Wilson is getting the suspension he deserved.

Using the same logic as the Saints fans are using in their lawsuit, the non-call and lack of suspension for Wilson constitutes a “calamity” giving Gary Bettman the authority to order a review because it was “so extraordinarily unfair or outside the accepted tactics encountered in professional hockey that such action has a major effect on the result of the series.”

Wilson lined up Wennberg, lifted his shoulder, and aimed for Wennberg’s head. Wennberg missed the rest of the series, and Wilson escaped punishment despite a long (and soon to expand) track record of dirty hits en route to posting 2-1-3 in the final four games as Columbus was eliminated in six games.

Wilson should have been suspended, which would have cost the Capitals a top six forward in a series they trailed 2-1 after game three.

Columbus respectfully (and sarcastically, because this couldn’t ever happen) asks the commissioner to replay last year’s first round series again and give the Blue Jackets their chance at redemption without Tom Wilson on the ice.

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