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Strategic Dispatches – 4/3/13

Welcome to another wacky idea from The Cannon as we see if this club has what it takes to break through into the postseason. Obviously one big part of the answer is to win, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the other games in action – not just for Columbus, but for what would improve (or deflate) the value of our other first round picks.

I’m going to try and put one of these up nightly before the start of game action – if people like it, we’ll keep going, if it’s not working, we’ll drop it.

All odds are based on Sports Club Stats, who remain freaking awesome.

In the West, we’re rooting for the following results:

Calgary over Edmonton in regulation
Minnesota over San Jose in regulation
Anaheim over Dallas (Prefer regulation, but OT/SO have a negligible change on the odds)

Unfortunately, those same odds also help LA, and hence their draft pick, which is to be expected when both clubs are idle.

In the East, we’re rooting for the following results:

Pittsburgh over the Rangers in regulation
Philadelphia over Montreal OR Montreal to win in a shootout. (Philadelphia winning in Reg. or OT would decrease NY’s playoff odds by a full percentage point, and a Philly SO win would still drop them by .8%. A Montreal SO win (compared to Reg or OT) would swing them by less than .1 percent)

If we get our best results, Columbus’ playoff odds improve to 13.3% (about as best as could be hoped for while the team is idle), LA’s odds improve to 97.3%, and the Rangers’ odds fall to 46.1%.