Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Finals Open Thread

And the final game of the second round

By popular demand, here is a new open thread for discussing the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Tonight is the deciding Game 7 between the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets. The winner moves on to face the Vegas Golden Knights, who just can’t seem to lose at this point. Will their season-long Cinderella story continue?

On the other side, Friday night is the start of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals. The Caps had to battle to beat the Blue Jackets and Penguins, while the Bolts had an easier time with the Devils and Bruins.

Here is the full schedule.

Who will play for the Cup?

Who will play in the Final?

Tampa Bay vs. Vegas13
Tampa Bay vs. Nashville7
Tampa Bay vs. Winnipeg22
Washington vs. Vegas13
Washington vs. Nashville4
Washington vs. Winnipeg16

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