So, RJ Umberger, You Want to Be A Blue Jacket?

It's time for the second installment of our series of mock job interviews. Again, the operative word here is mock. We're presenting these from the perspective of the player, as if they were applying for a job with the Jackets. The players themselves aren't involved, so don't contact the team if you disagree with one of their answers! Thirty players will be interviewed, even existing players. Yes, even Nasher will have to get put through the wringer. We hope you enjoy!

If there's one guy who probably wouldn't need to be "interviewed" to keep his job, it's today subject: R.J. Umberger. Here's hoping he gets an extension soon. His interview answers merit a pay raise and some extra years onto his contract, I'd say.


Q) Hi R.J., tell us a little about yourself.

A) I was born in Pittsburgh, PA on May 3, 1982. I can play essentially any forward position, and I can play it on essentially any line, at even strength, on the Power Play, and on the Penalty Kill. And, you'll never hear me complain about where you put me. I'd say I'm more of a wing, but beyond that I'm also the heartbeat and soul of a dressing room. I was drafted by the Canucks 16th overall in 2001. I've played for the Flyers and Blue Jackets in my career.

Q) Tell us about some intangibles you could bring to the Blue Jackets.

A) Well, I would cite a few things. First and foremost, I hate--I mean HATE--to lose. I bring that attitude to your dressing room day-in and day-out. I'm the definition of "durable," as I've never missed a game in my Blue Jackets tenure of three seasons. In six full seasons, I'm missed exactly 18 games, and have played more than 80 games four times. Finally, I love the city; I played my college hockey here, and I live here full time. After all, THIS IS OUR [BLEEP]ING BUILDING!!!

Q) What areas of your game do you think you can improve on?

A) I would say my shootout moves. I found myself with several penalty shots this past season and I couldn't convert, so I'm going to need to refine my skillz. Other than that, I think I can be counted on to do everything else very well on the ice.

Q) Can you give us some examples of your hockey accomplishments?

A) I think playing three straight seasons without missing a game is a huge accomplishment. Overall, the fact that I put up 116 points in 26 games during my sophomore year in high school while my team won the Penguin Cup was pretty awesome; the Plum Mustangs then retired my sweater in 2006. I was CCHA's Rookie of the Year in 2000-2001 for the Buckeyes, and my AHL team won the Calder Cup in 2004-2005. I also scored the Blue Jackets' first ever playoff goal in 2009.

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