So, Radek Martinek, You Want to be a Blue Jacket?

Welcome to another installment of "So, You Want to be a Blue Jacket?

This series is presented in the form of a mock job interview. The operative word here is mock. We're presenting these from the perspective of the player, as if they were applying for a job with the Jackets. The players themselves aren't involved, so don't contact the team if you disagree with one of their answers! No player will avoid the interview process, not even Rick Nash.


Q) Hi Radek, tell us a little about yourself.

A) I was born in Havlíčkův Brod, Czechoslovaki on August 31, 1976. I’m a right-handed defenseman and have played for the New York Islanders my whole career. The Islanders drafted me 228th overall in 1999 and I’ve played nine pro seasons.

Q) Tell us about some intangibles you could bring to the Blue Jackets.

A) I'm a dependable, top four defenseman. I’m the kind of player that, if you don’t notice me, that should mean I’m doing my job well. I can handle a lot of minutes, move the puck well, and have a pretty strong point shot.

Q) What areas of your game do you think you can improve on?

A) It’s no secret that I struggle to stay healthy for a whole season. I’ve averaged just 51 games played per season in my career. Despite my good shot and puck-moving abilities, I’ve never really put up very many points from the backend.

Q) Can you give us some examples of your hockey accomplishments?

A) In 2001, I won a gold medal at the World Championships with the Czech national team. As a part of that team, I also won bronze in the 2011 World Championships. Also, I consider it an accomplishment to be known as a pretty dependable player on some pretty bad Islanders teams.

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