So, Derek Dorsett, You Want to Be a Blue Jacket?

We're coming to the end, and since I'm a dunce and missed an earlier interview, you're getting TWO installments today from the mock job interview series, "So, You Want to Be A Blue Jacket". Today's second interviewee is...


Q) Hi Derek, tell us a little about yourself.
A) I was born in Kindersley, Saskatchewan on December 20, 1986. I am a left-handed shooting winger who usually plays on the right side, and I stand 5'11" and weigh in at 190. I was the Blue Jackets' seventh round pick--189th overall--in 2006. I made my NHL debut for the Blue Jackets in during the '08-'09 season. I'm a sandpaper guy who plays with energy and isn't afraid to mix it up despite my size, but I haven't shown a lot of scoring touch above the WHL.

Q) Tell us about some intangibles you could bring to the Blue Jackets.
A) Did I mention I bring energy? I skate hard all the time, I'll hit and fight anything and anyone, and I play all-out all the time. That sometimes can get me into trouble, as I led the club in penalty minutes last season. I bring an edge, and a never-back-down mentality.

Q) What areas of your game do you think you can improve on?
A) Well, in addition to being a gritty guy in juniors, I could also score. In '06-'07, I led Medicine Hat in penalty minutes, but also tied for second on the team with 64 points. In my last two years in juniors, I played in 129 games and registered 112 points (44 goals). Part of that was the loaded nature of that team (we won the WHL championship, led by WHL MVP Kris Russell), but it's fair to note I've never come close to that kind of production since.

Q) Can you give us some examples of your hockey accomplishments?
A) My team in Medicine Hat had a tremendous year in '06-'07, as we won the WHL and played in the Memorial Cup, losing to host Vancouver in the Championship. Other than that, getting drafted and making the NHL top my list.

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