Shrapnel - 9/8/11

If there is one positive thing to come out of a tragedy, it is that it brings the community of survivors closer together, no matter how far away we are.

Если есть один положительный момент, чтобы выйти из трагедии, это то, что она приносит сообществовыживших ближе друг к другу, независимо от того, насколько далеко мы находимся.

In the wake of the Lokomotiv disaster, we weep for not only the players we knew in the NHL, but for the club, the crew, their families, and the city of Yaroslavl. It is impossible to imagine how one goes forward from this, but we know that life will demand that they start finding a way all too soon. As hockey fans, one of our greatest strengths is our community, and it has been dealt dreadful blow after blow this offseason. But we will not stop loving this game, we will not stop caring for our heroes, our friends, or our families, and we will take the pain and loss and use it to strengthen us, rather than to define us.

После катастрофы Локомотив, мы оплакиваем не только игроки, мы знали, в НХЛ, но и для клуба,экипажа, их семей, и в городе Ярославле. Невозможно представить себе, как один идет вперед от этого, но мы знаем, что жизнь будет требовать, чтобы они начинают поиск образом, все слишком быстро. Какхоккейных болельщиков, один из наших главных преимуществ является наше сообщество, и это был нанесен страшный удар за ударом это межсезонье. Но мы не будем разлюбить эту игру, мы не будем останавливаться уходу за наших героев, наших друзей, и наших семей, и мы примем боли и потерь ииспользовать его для укрепления нас, вместо того, чтобы определить нас.

If there is nothing else that we can take away from this painful summer, it is that life is the most wonderful gift, but also the most fragile. There will be more joys, and more tears, but we must never forget how fleeting and precious it is, and we must take the opportunity to reach out to those in need, in pain, and in less fortunate circumstances whenever we have the chance.

Если нет ничего другого, что можно взять от этой болезненной летом, это то, что жизнь является самымпрекрасным подарком, но и наиболее уязвимыми. Там будет больше радости и слез, но мы никогда не должны забывать, как мимолетное и драгоценных она есть, и мы должны воспользоваться этой возможностью, чтобы обратиться к тем, кто нуждается в боли, и в менее благоприятных обстоятельствах, когда у нас есть шанс.

Not surprisingly, the blogging community was focused on the tragedy in Russia yesterday, with reactions and tributes coming from Jackets bloggers and the larger NHL  community alike. Rather than try to break things down, I thought it would be best to simply give you the opportunity to read them yourself.|NHL|home

The other major news to hit the NHL yesterday, though not as painful, was still some news that many had been expecting and dreading at the same time: Sidney Crosby, though recovering well, will not be ready for the start of the NHL season. To which I simply say, "Good." The attitude of his medical team, the player, and the club are all on exactly the right page - getting him to 100% and preventing the risk of a more severe injury is far more important than seeing him skate out onto the ice in October, as much as we all look forward to his return.

Over at Crimespree Hockey, they have the 2011-2012 season preview up for the Blue Jackets, and they see a payoff to Scott Howson's hard work.

Former Panther Cory Stillman will announce his retirement today, and join their front office.

Gallos continues his CBJ History Lesson over at Dark Blue Jacket.

An understandable reaction is to wonder what the NHL would do if a similar tragedy occurred. Meanwhile, we wait to see how the KHL will choose to go forward.

If you've got season tickets, they're starting to arrive. If you're on a 10 game pack like me and haven't gotten them yet, I was told by my ticket rep that they are likely to ship today or tomorrow.

We've known the Flyers will be hosting the Winter Classic, but it still hasn't been "officially" announced. But the Flyers season ticket holders have now been informed, so it's likely we'll get the "real" news soon.

Finally, fans of the UAH Chargers are trying to save one of the only Div 1 hockey teams in the South.

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