Shrapnel - 9/5/11

Good morning, happy Monday, and happy Labor Day!

If you're in central Ohio today, the weather has finally started to feel like hockey could be just around the corner - bad if you were planning a trip to the beach, but exciting if you're counting the days until training camp.

Apparently I was wrong about Driving Play, who were linked by a bunch of Philly blogs, and writing a series on Philly's offseason, and talking about Jakub Voracek's future in Philly, being a Philly blog. I'm terribly sorry. Anyhow, in the meantime, Jared has revisited his Rick Nash / Voracek analysis, including focusing on quality of competition and zone starts.

In one of those "Wait, what?" moments, one of the most mature and thoughtful discussions of the Dustin Byfuglien BWI arrest has come from Deadspin.

Over at Puck Rakers, they break down the right side of the defense, from James Wisniewski down to David Savard.

PHT has a look at how fantasy hockey got started, and it makes me wish I'd been around to sit in on the "OIHL" back then. Draft day dinner at MSG? Wow. Speaking of fantasy hockey we have six more slots available for this year's Cannon Cup. Sign up, and if we have enough interest we'll pop open the hood on a second division!

Over at The New Jackets Fan, he's taking a look at just who is this Jeff Carter guy.

PHT suggests we lighten up on several NHLers about their weight.

Gallos is starting a definitive history of the Jackets in advance of the season.

Could Eric Belanger be a key signing for the Oilers?

We've got a pair of fantasy hockey previews of the Jackets - one from Puck Lab concentrating on our prospect depth, while The Hockey Guys give some individual player predictions. Not to sound skeptical, but if all their player predictions for the Central Division come true, all 5 teams should make the playoffs, given that they're calling for career seasons for a bunch of guys.

This is interesting - Steve Yzerman has challenged the Lightning players to wear facial protection / visors this coming season.

Steven Stamkos has a .608 batting his slow pitch beer league.

Finally, Puck Daddy's previews are up to Calgary, so we should see them tackle the Jackets by Thursday-ish.

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