Shrapnel - 9/3/12

If you're in the US, happy Labor Day! Hope you're enjoying the holiday. If you're not inside the US, it's just Monday, and we apologize for that.

Speaking of labor, there's still no movement from the NHL or NHLPA after talks came to an abrupt end on Friday, but that hasn't stopped fan groups from trying to get fans together to send a message, even though there's little reason the Owners or Players will heed them.

In what could be a sign of optimism, the Red Wings did unveil a Winter Classic logo, but it's also been pointed out that this logo does not feature a year. At the same time, Ellen Etchingham talks about taking the game outside, and wondering if it's better suited for an all star style format.

Backhand Shelf also features some talk about labor economics, and Puck Daddy gets a guest post about marketing. Don't we sound all grown up?

Just to dial things back a bit, #CBJ takes us back to school with a plan to attend OSU hockey in case of a lockout, while Puck Rakers finally offers Fedor Tyutin's report card.

Over at Burnside Carbine, we've got "What to Expect" posts on Nikitin, Aucoin, Atkinson, and Gillies.

Over at DBJ, they're starting a new series to examine the team in detail, starting with the team's executives, and a call for J.P. Mac to vote "No" on a lockout. Symbolic or not, I suspect it would mean a lot to the fanbase if they saw their owner take that stand.

Finally, some hockey school for you courtesy of "The Coach" over at Union Blue, as he details what it means to play on the left or right side.

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