Shrapnel - 9/29/11

Even if you're not a baseball fan, if you woke up outside of Boston this morning, you're about 42% more smug by volume. Plus, we're now Maksim Mayorov days away from the start of the season.

It's game day here in Columbus, but you're not hearing much about the Wild coming to town. In the Dispatch, we've got more focus on the suspension and how the Wiz is dealing with it. Despite the pain he's feeling, major props for his attitude, by the way. Mary over at FTC also weighs in with her thoughts.

A fantastic guest post on Strait Jackets about the Simmonds affair. Please go read it.

Alex Ovechkin loves America, but he also loves Russian Women.

A lot of focus on the "Bubble" guys yesterday from LTL and the Dark Blue Jacket, who broke down forwards and the blue line.

Another scary hit that's likely to generate a new Shanaban video: Detroit's Brendan Smith unloaded on Chicago's Ben Smith with a clear open ice head shot. Looks like a pretty clear rule 48 hit to me. Even though Ben Smith did try to cut around the defender, Brendan still had time to adjust and went for the head anyway. PHT has takes from both coaches, and I have to agree with them - Mike Babcock is 100% in the wrong for claiming it's the puck carrier's responsibility. The whole point of the new rules is to make smarter hits.

Over at the 10TV sports blog, Rob Kunz has some thoughts about the Jackets potentially being this season's version of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Speaking of Shanny, Puck Daddy had a chance to interview the new sheriff in town, and NHL players seem generally positive about the new regime, but Greg over at FMJ is concerned about the "Do as I say, not as I did" message. Shanahan also officially suspended Tom Sestito for four games, and the former Jackets' prospect has been placed on waivers by the Flyers. Assuming he clears, it's possible he might have to sit games in the AHL as well - they have a history of matching suspensions in the last few years.

Over on the main SBNation NHL hub, Derek Zona is putting Scott Howson on the hot seat.

Here's the London, ON banana tosser, who won a free ride in a police car yesterday.

We've got notes from camp yesterday that give a hint to tonight's lines and talk about the continued fight for roster spots. No matter how it shakes out, though, it looks like Derick Brassard is a lock to switch to the wing. Scott Howson also appeared on NHL live yesterday to talk about the team (and the news around them), and LTL has the video for you.

In the interests of aiding on-ice officials and broadcasters, NHL players will have numbers on their helmets this year. I'm willing to give it a shot, but it seems a little...busy.

Rob Mixer talks to Jeff Carter and Rick Nash about their ongoing chemistry project.

With Mats Zuccarello pushing hard for his spot in camp, could Sean Avery be sent down to the AHL? More importantly, do the Rangers really want to have $10 million in salary between Avery and Redden riding the buses?

If you missed it, here's yesterday's chat transcript from the Dispatch.

Over at TMM, Jeff takes a break from the Jackets to preview the Eastern Conference.

Looks like we have some new t-shirt ideas rolling in from Jackets fans - three based on the "Free Wiz" concept, and one for Boone Jenner fans.

Last but not least, check out Ohio State Hockey's swanky new threads?

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