Shrapnel - 9/25/12

All new look to the site means it's a good excuse to send out an all new Shrapnel, including the latest Blue Jackets news, wanton speculation, and intense mockery of Daryl Katz's hair.

Behold, the new look! We hope you're enjoying the changes, because we're all really excited for SBNation United now that it's taking off.

Meanwhile, I figured it was worth taking a look around to assemble a new Shrapnel for all of you. Most notably, thanks to Edmonton Oilers' owner Daryl Katz, who decided the best way to pay back the patience and understanding of fans who have suffered through some of the worst hockey in the post lockout NHL was to....visit Seattle and start threatening the City of Edmonton with relocation if he doesn't get more money for a new arena.

It's nice to see the level of class, dignity, and grace that the NHL demands from its' owners, huh?

Not surprisingly, the response has been to call his bluff and viciously mock Mr. Katz, his remarkably lame sense of gamesmanship, and a haircut that makes James May look incredibly sleek and refined.

Closer to home, the Dispatch is handling things with their usual sense of unbridled optimism, while The Burnside Carbine made some interesting stats projections.

Doktor Z offers some more "Jacketsology", Backhand Shelf cautions against getting too cozy with the NHLPA, and hockey hero Jack Jablonski was able to throw out the first pitch at a Twins game. His recovery is truly inspirational, and I wish him even more success.

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