Shrapnel - 9/24/11

After last night's OT loss to Minnesota, not surprisingly, there's a lot of talk about the game - but more importantly, let's give a sympathy wince for the road squad's flight troubles. Particularly the fact that they didn't make it home via bus until 5am.

Last night, the Jackets were without coach Todd Richards, who was injured during practice, and not surprisingly the team's power play showed some weaknesses without the PP coach there to help direct traffic. Here's recaps from reddit, The Dispatch, Hockey Wilderness, and LTL. Also remember that despite rolling some power lines, this was still basically the Minnesota Wild vs. the Springfield Falcons - particularly with York in net. Given that, I'm quite pleased by how they stayed in it, and after all, it's just pre-season.

James Mirtle wrote a fantastic article about "moneypuck" and how NHL teams are increasingly looking at advanced statistical analysis to help build their rosters. Dirk Hoag produced a look at how the Predators stick to the moneyball concept, and Tom weighs in at DBJ on how the Jackets tie into the same concepts.

Bad news for Colorado - Brandon Yip and Jan Hejda will be both be lost for an extended period of time due to injuries.

Over at TMM, Jeff had some pre-weekend drabbles.

Jo has her third (and last) look at a historic hockey injury. Bob Baun is badder-ass than you are.

Over at Views From The Cheap Seats, we've got some brief thoughts on last week.

Mike Modano officially retired as a Dallas Star yesterday, The guys at Defending Big D had a "game thread" for the retirement press conference.

Depending on the situation with Mark Dekanich and how comfortable Scott Howson feels like Allen York and Curtis Sanford, it's worth keeping an eye on options like Ray Emery, who is uncertain to stick in Chicago, and Manny Legace, who was released by the Canucks.

I mentioned that sometimes, Ryan Lambert turns down the offensive level and writes something really worth reading - this post on how the Jets cannot and should not try to erase the history of the Thrashers is one of them.

LTL is thinking that regardless of how Sanford or York look in pre-season, the team needs to grab some talent in net.

It looks like the Canucks found another CBA loophole.

Speaking of the Jets, it seems their travel schedule won't be quite so bad.

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