Shrapnel - 9/19/11

It's Monday, and that means that the first preseason matchup against the Jets is only one day away! Expect to hear about the playing rosters for both halves of the split squad game later today.

A bonus from camp yesterday: We had a chance to ask James Wisniewski what he thought about Shane Doan's comments on head shots - and the fact that a hit he put on Shane was specifically singled out by the Coyotes Captain.

"Shane plays the game really hard, and coming from a leader like him, he obviously understands that how things played out wasn't intentional - I don't think it's anybody's fault, it's coming out of the rule changes. You can't impede anyone, so guys are really flying out there on the ice. Hearing from a leader like that that he understands it wasn't on purpose - that means a lot. We settled it - had a little fight - and I hadn't thought about it since."

In Canada, the CBC opened their season of Battle of the Blades - a show which Wade Belak had been scheduled to appear on - with a tribute to the former tough guy.

More from Yesterday's owner's tournament: We have a full recap from puck-rakers, plus bonus coverage on Jeff Carter's foot injury. Over at Fire That Cannon, Stacy weighs in on the championship, Alex over at THW has his take, and the Views from the Cheap Seats looks at the afternoon as a whole.

Senators fans are talking about the intrigue (and the risks) of Nikita Filatov.

Did you see this shirt at training camp? Want to see how one fan made it? Nice fan effort!

We'll finally get to officially see the Winter Classic announced next week.

Columbus Wired has a recap from the Owner's Tournament that focuses on some of the impactful younger players, and we've got more great fan photos.

Some good news from Colorado - Peter Mueller is finally getting back on the ice.

Joe has a plea from a Buckeye Fan to the Blue Jackets.

Joel Ward talks about his hardships along the road to the NHL, his time in Nashville, and stepping into some big skates in Washington.

Over at the Pucks & Stuff blog, it's inaugural season goodness to help kick off the season.

After a lot of offseason criticism, Alexander Semin talked to Puck Daddy.

If you're interested in getting a look at the league as a whole, Hockey Prospectus is one of the go-to resources...and they've just released their 2011-2012 edition. They also gave us a preview with their top 100 NHL prospects.

OK, back to work!

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