Shrapnel - 9/10/11

Folks, I have a confession to make - this note was written by the power of TIME TRAVEL. I'm on vacation this weekend, so I'm writing this on Friday evening so I can sleep the sleep of the just tomorrow.

That said, there's one consistent thread I'm seeing through the entire Blue Jackets fanbase, and that is that Fanfest was AWESOME. Since I didn't attend, I won't try to capture it, but this report from DBJ on the ground sure looks like there was a lot of fun, and the general chatter on the twitters is that the event was a smashing success.

Over in St. Louis, the big news is that David "Inglorious" Backes has been named their new Captain.

Alison takes a pre-Fanfest look at the fan community.

At JAHL, Tapeleg is asking a few questions about podcasts - if you haven't listened to his "From the Rink" podcast, it's worth a listen for NHL fans, minor hockey afficionados, or a beer leaguers!

Six weeks after surgery, Kristian Huselius is in town to spend time with his teammates and continue his rehab under the eyes of team doctors.

The Penguins' Evgeni Malkin took time to speak to his countrymen after the Yaroslavl disaster, while the KHL's vice president talked about the power of hockey to heal. At the Blue Jackets Bunker, a post about Fanfest took a moment to consider the pain that Fedor Tyutin must be going through after the loss of friends, and how he kept a stiff upper lip despite being caught in the public demand.

TSN's Scott Cullen takes a look at the heightened expectations in Columbus.

Caps defenseman Dennis Wideman is looking forward to getting back to work after suffering a hematoma last season.

You may recall that Tom over at DBJ challenged XM's Mick Kern to come to Columbus, see a game with him, and get a real feeling for the team, the fans, and the hockey market. His response? Challenge Accepted.

NHL12 comes out on Tuesday, and Puck Daddy has a nice review. We had some questions about possibly doing an NHL12 competition / league here. Are you interested? Let us know!

Over at TMM, Jeff asks you abandon your negativity, and embrace the awesome.

Justin Bourne talks about player weight, "playing weight", and how it affects different players.

If anything major breaks overnight, we'll get you updated in the morning. Have a great weekend!

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