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Shrapnel – 8/5/11

Happy Friday….unless you’re Sean Avery, who is currently in a fair bit of trouble.

Sean, dude, what are you thinking? You were doing so well at cleaning up your act.

One the one hand, locally, we have the news that the Blue Line at Tuttle Mall is relocating, while LTL takes some time to show us The Hockey Stop’s new Powell store.

While we’re talking about gear, it seems like we may have a leak of the new Islanders 3rd Jersey….and the best part is, they can take off the “ISLANDERS” lettering and replace it with “BROOKLYN” really easily.

The guys at Crimespree Hockey want to know who you love to hate. I suppose Nashville is up there, and Detroit…but the team I actually hate the most? St. Louis. I think I enjoy wins over them just an extra little bit.

Over at Driving Play, they’re making a case that Anton Stralman actually makes his team better when he’s on the ice. Which I think says they never actually watched Anton Stralman.

I admit, I’m not a morning radio guy (I usually listen to XM or a podcast), but new CBJ goaltender Mark Dekanich made the rounds this morning and by all accounts came off very well.

An amazing look into Ray Emery‘s 1 in 1,000,000 recovery and his journey back into hockey. (By the way? The fact that Emery wasn’t given the Masterton trophy last month is infuriating.)

Puck Daddy asked a couple of good questions yesterday – was leaving ESPN really a good idea, and if Shea Weber’s arbitration award might shape Drew Doughty‘s next contract.

This will feel strangely familiar to Jackets fans – the Ottawa Senators are inviting one of the worst teams in NHL history back to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Former Jacket Michael Peca has been working on “life after hockey”, including appearances as an analyst for TSN – but it seems he’s found a new path, taking the role of GM for the Buffalo Junior Sabres.

The guys at Arctic Ice Hockey are playing a bit of “Choose Your Own Adventure” as they try to figure out left wing combos from their new roster.

The Florida Panthers have decided to organize a “Fans Only” section in their lower bowl. Very interesting idea…especially for $25 a ticket.

Kimmo Timonen hopes to retire in Philly.

Some good news for Matthew Lombardi, who is making progress following his concussion last season. He may not be able to start the season, but it sounds like he will have a chance to continue with his career.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got news that all three fan clubs / supporters groups for the Blue Jackets will be attending Cannonfest! Can one building hold all this awesome? I guess we’ll see…