Shrapnel - 8/31

As August comes to an end, we prepare for the end of summer, but not before we all have a few last Labor Day cookouts to celebrate the change of seasons.

(Also, if you haven't already, you need to pay off the balance on your All Star Game tickets today. Assuming we have an All Star Game, anyhow.)

Speaking of "assuming", the NHL released the 2012-2012 TV schedules yesterday, and as usual SBN's Steve Lepore was all up in that.

Closer to home, Burnside Carbine looks at the expectations for Ryan Johansen, and Alison puts some thought into Brandon Dubinsky and why he may be exactly what the team needs right now over at Union Blue.

Meanwhile, 2012 1st round pick Ryan Murray feels like he's in a bit of a holding pattern because of the ongoing CBA negotiations, Zach Bogosian went under the knife, and the Hershey Bears are more ursine than ever.

Justin Bourne pens a beautiful apology for the damage he did growing up with hockey, the Red Wings could be on the downslope, Jordan Eberle got paid, and The Dude abides in a goalie mask.

A Roman Ampitheatre is being turned into a site worthy of modern gladiators, I make an argument that the Rangers may be setting themselves up for disappointment, and the wonderful news that former Jackets' alumni Adam Pineault is restarting his hockey career after his wife fought cancer and won.

Have a wonderful weekend - we'll be back if anything else interesting happens.

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