Shrapnel - 8/28/11

Who wants a link smorgasboard? You do!

I'm keeping this quick, dirty, and sweet today. (Actually, it won't be that different from normal, but I'm hoping that combination of adjectives will bump our google traffic. It never hurts to try!)

Over in Finland, Mikael Granlund took a break from rocking out to death metal to roast another goaltender.

We talked a bit about the season ticket pre-sale codes yesterday, and DBJ weighed in on the subject as well.

Teemu Selanne sounds more and more like he'll be back for another year.

The Dispatch chats with John P. McConnell about this summer's internal review.

Over at Puck Daddy, they look at another argument over the charity point.

Former Jackets' goaltender Pascal Leclaire shows up in a list of remaining free agents as a "fascinating gamble." Yeah, that sounds about right.

Montreal Canadiens blogger Dennis Kane is the next guilty pleasure at Puck Daddy.

PHT had a couple of looks at the Blues, focusing on veteran pickup Jamie Langenbrunner and "secret weapon (?)" Patrik Berglund.

Finally, an excellent interview with CBJ radio man George Matthews, his road to the NHL, and the CBJ / PEI connection.

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