Shrapnel - 8/26

The problem with CBA negotiations is that they're rarely entertaining to read about for the fans. Quite the opposite, normally, in fact. AP does a solid job of breaking down the central issue of revenue sharing today in the Dispatch, but it's about as fun as watching grass grow.

Backhand Shelf, at least, tried to break the ice a bit with some fun at the NHLPA meetings, and taking a look at Chris Phillips alternate career as a brewmaster.

Over at Distinct Kicking Motion, the CBA rears its' head in a nightmare scenario, and it's one of the many items of hockey on the mind of Jeff Little over at Ten Minute Misconduct.

Back to something fun, take a look at the madness of the late 90s and Pro Beach(!) Hockey over at THW:Overtime, some ideas for who to root for should there be a lockout, and DBJ investigates just how crazy James Wisniewski's gloves are.

Ellen Etchingham offers some good ideas about redefining assists, more bogus trade rumors are swirling around Evander Kane, Shane Doan is setting a deadline, and Gallos has an idea for something completely different.

At DBJ+, Tom takes a deeper look at Todd Richards, The Burnside Carbine thinks about what to expect from #51 in your program, and #CBJ speaks out about the "Defend Nationwide" campaign.

That's all for today - enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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