Shrapnel - 8/25/11

Good morning! It's Thursday, so this must be Bolivia.

Let's get your blood pumping - Rob Mixer has a great piece up on talking to Scott Arniel about the upcoming season.

Tim Thomas celebrated his day with the Stanley Cup yesterday, and went back to his roots, while a New Hampshire farmer mostly focused on the shoots and stalks.

Over at Above the Glass, Portland blogger / superfan Samantha is very excited about what Ryan Johansen is bringing to Columbus, and wants us all to be hopeful. Johansen also showed up on's rookies to watch for and was discussed by PHT.

For the opposite of hope, we give you Tom Renney and Nikolai Khabibulin. When you describe the (theoretical) starting goaltender as a great mystery, that's bad, mmkay?

Looks like Mark Dekanich has a long drive ahead of him. Remember not to tweet and drive, Dex!

Sidney Crosby has released a statement for the first time this summer, and sets a very reasonable expectation: he'll play when he is symptom free. More power to him. I'd have one of the best players in the NHL miss two months this season than lose 10 years of his career.

Congrats to CBJ prospect Will Weber, who was named a co-captain of the Miami University Redhawks.

Hockey Independent looks at who will be the next Flyers captain.

Looks like we've got another CBJ blog getting ready to start up.

With all the talk about Tim Thomas reclaiming his game, what's that mean for the future of Tuukka Rask?

Over at Martini Hockey, he's looking at other rules the NHL should be looking at changing, including the All Star Game.

Another Guilty Pleasures features the minds (and I use that term loosely) behind the Pensblog.

Want free pre-season tickets? Willing to give up a few pints of your precious bodily fluids? Head to the blood drive at Nationwide Arena.

Should size matter in the NHL? Matt Reitz takes a look over at PHT.

Finally, that look we mentioned yesterday on which D corps is in worse shape, Colorado or Columbus, is coming out in favor of the Jackets.

But before you go, have you heard of "Chap-hop?"

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