Shrapnel - 8/20/11

We inch ever closer to hockey as we go through today's Shrapnel - not so much focused on Columbus, but on the interesting bits floating around the NHL as a whole.

Former Rangers captain Chris Drury has retired after 12 seasons in the NHL due to lingering injury problems after his contract was bought out. The guys at Blueshirt Banter have their reactions on his retirement and Drury's career as a Ranger.

Over at Martini Hockey, he takes a look at the "thug culture" in hockey and it's impact on the next generation of NHL players.

The NHL's R&D camp has wrapped up, and Puck Daddy gives a "Pass or Fail" on the rules tested, Brendan Shanahan spent some time outlining how he'll handle discipline cases (and I think the entire NHL community gave a cheer at the promise of more transparency), Brian Burke offered to use the Maple Leafs as additional test subjects, and Justin Bourne is surprisingly stoked for 3 on 3 overtime.

LTL weighs in with his reactions on the (lack of) national TV coverage for Columbus. (Puck Daddy's "Trending Topics" indicates that nobody really likes this schedule, unless you're a Rangers or Bruins fan...)

We've got more movement on the (potential) sale or relocation of NHL teams - Former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison is apparently in talks with the NHL about buying the Phoenix Coyotes, while the owners of the new Barclays Center being built in Brooklyn have met with the NHL to discuss the use of the facility for NHL hockey - almost certainly looking to court the Islanders when their lease expires in 2015.

A special "Thank You!" to everyone riding in Pelotonia today.

Speaking of the Coyotes, it appears they're also looking to lock up captain Shane Doan. If they can, I salute both sides - it's increasingly rare to have a player stick with one organization his entire career, and Doan doing so is a powerful message about the quality of the organization and his faith in the franchise.

Puck Daddy bossman Greg Wyshnyski sat down on Reddit to do one of their "Ask Me Anything" discussions. Very fun and interesting stuff.

Finally, the funeral for Rick Rypien will take place today in his Alberta hometown.

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