Shrapnel - 8/17/11

I don't even know where to begin today - once again, in what's supposed to be "the off season", there's a wealth of riches.

At the NHL level, the two day Research & Development camp kicks off today, and perhaps the best and longest-reaching improvement will be a new style of glass that will totally eliminate turnbuckles and hard "abrupt" edges, such as the one Max Pacioretty was injured on by Zdeno Chara last season.

We've got another review of Cannonfest (and it seems we now have t-shirts! For both genders!), and the news that the team has officially endorsed Skraut's video work. It's a case of something wonderful happening to good people, and the community is thrilled as the team embraces their fans yet again. A twitter movement has also begun with fans hoping to have the Blue Jackets make this year's slogan "A Call to Arms" - it's spread to HFBoards and even over to Reddit. I agree wholeheartedly. Take the ball and run with it. The fans are behind you.

It'd seem that Dan Carcillo was not a fan of the Philly media.

It appears the Jackets are closer to filling their pro scouting and Director of Player Personnel openings.

Over at PD, Justin Bourne talks about summer shinny, and NHLers getting ready for "go time."

After working on a bit of a new look, Dark Blue Jacket followed up with a great look at Vinny Prospal and his enthusiasm, and the difference between genuine joy and showboating. I agree - the team needs that enthusiasm, the excitement - perhaps even a bit of swagger in their own building. As R.J. Umberger said, "THIS IS OUR BUILDING!" Live up to that. Keep that excitement and share it with the fans, and use it as you play.

And, hey, here's Jeremy Roenick making Gretzky's head bleed.

Speaking of R.J., he dropped in at the Chiller Hockey School yesterday to talk to the kids in camp. LTL has a great look at how this helps "water" the grassroots hockey in Columbus.

If you're a Ducks fan, there's good news from Jonas Hiller - he expects to be ready for training camp.

CBJ Blog starts his Case for Columbus with a look at the ownership of the team - and a site redesign of his own! writer Dave Lozo talks about his guilty pleasures.

Just a reminder, courtesy of the Jacket Backers, that Hockey Beats Down is next weekend!

Finally, Mark Rypien, cousin of Rick Rypien, talks about his loss, and Bruce Arthur of the National Post has a must-read article on the battle with depression.

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